Old, New and Marriage

Yes, at our elopement I wore my great grandmother’s wedding pearls as well as new pearl earrings from a guest.

We’re really talking about a KitchenAid food processor my husband’s parents kindly gave us upon our wedding over 11 years ago. The top cracked a while ago. Last week, preparing for a dinner party, the crack let me overshoot the lock and I couldn’t get it back so punted and still made a good dinner.

Of course my dear husband got right out there and ordered me another top. It looks like I did 20 years ago. It’s perfect but everything KitchenAid must be purchased separately, from the work bowl to the top and even the plunger.

I’ve treated all the parts well and only place them in the dishwasher, top shelf, a few times a year but it’s been over 11 years and the difference in age, as it is in humans, is substantial.

Seeing the tops side by side I know a few things: we’re getting older and wiser; new stuff looks better with the work bowl and plunger; and that my husband has more grey hair than I have.

I think we’re looking up. Cook with abandon. The last thing I want to do is throw that motor in the trash. Get new bowls and keep cooking, always. Cheers! Dee


2 responses to “Old, New and Marriage

  1. To KitchenAid, I’ve many of your appliances and do not like your practice of piecing out. You’ve got a good market in parts, but why not offer a package? It would be environmentally friendly in that the beast wouldn’t be trashed and the market is not just in replacements, but additions. Think about it.

  2. Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law advised me of problems with her KitchenAid food processor. I said “I know how to do it, we’ve the same problem.” I would advise KitchenAid to fix the problem and not spend all their time selling other elements on television.

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