Turbo Tax

When you call in with a question, it summons a customer survey. If they don’t like the results, they say there was an error in transmission or they can’t read the data. You go, Intuit! Insult all your clients.

And last year when I went to the paid-for audit division, they gave me a call back number that was a sex line. I was called within moments by their boss, who apologized. Weeks later I got an email saying that I made a mistake, the phone number was one digit off and I must have made an error.

I’ve worked with lots of guys in offices before cubes were even invented, and I know that when a bunch of guys are laughing out loud when I’m given the sex line number that it was not a mistake, it was intentional.

This year I’ll do our taxes by hand because now paying Intuit $30 for Federal taxes and having them fail to import W-2’s and I have to place every box in by hand and pay for it is ridiculous. Here’s to two things we all have in common, death and taxes. Dee


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