I was always shy but took opportunity as it was. I’ve moved given a breath and a prayer and should have had the motherly “deep-end” note to jump with both feet into the pool.

I did not have that but always had my father for guidance and he always said “jump!”

Because of these worldly-wise epithets I find myself here today, mulling over prospects. During my travels and travails, I’ve met so many interesting people, such that I wouldn’t have lived my life any other way. Yes, I could have spent my life in a small college town of 400 people but then I wouldn’t have seen the world and lived everywhere.

Sometimes I want a home and at best, would settle for a home base with our old dog.

Of late I’ve been ill and would like someone to clean every couple of weeks and perhaps come in for a few hours a week to help me go through boxes to keep, store, donate or shred. It has not gone well so far. I believe some people think that opportunities are out of their grasp. While my mother told me I’d never amount to anything my father told me I could be an astronaut or President.

My childhood heroines and heroes are JFK, FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and my dancers, always the Swan. Anna Pavlova, Nijinski, Baryschnikov, Maria Tallchief, Isadora Duncan and so many others.

There are so many opportunities in life and one only needs to take them. Carpe diem, Dee


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