Detectives at the door, now a Coast Guard helo hovering above. The lake is iced over and there can’t be any small craft out there and I’ve not seen a barge in weeks but did get to see an ice cutter one day.

Detectives were on a cold case file of a girl who went missing a few months ago. We’re in another building and haven’t been around there for two years now. I did tell them that while we don’t normally (at least since a certain notable baseball player moved out with his son we kindly called the Devil’s Spawn) hear anything left or right, up or down one, especially our dog Zoe, hears every key in every lock and every voice and elevator ding.

Someone had to hear something and I think their keys to the problem lie in dog owners. who are forced by their charges to hear everything, and “leaky” front doors. I’ve seen posters of the gal around the neighborhood and her mother on TV and while after this long time I do not believe their daughter is still alive albeit being in the dark as to information, I would like for her parents and family to have closure on this issue. I cannot imagine the pain they are going through.

The Coast Guard is still out there, hovering. I’ve seen them do this for an hour in 60 mph winds, just hanging out there calling all the small watercraft in and arranging transport from the boat ramp. Pretty amazing.

Last year I called the Coast Guard……… on the Coast Guard! I could see a burning vessel with another about 1/2 mile away/ So I called the Coast Guard. It was a training exercise. When I apologized, they basically said no, ma’am. It’s people like you who see things and call them in. Thank you ma’am.

I think I’d better turn my sights to dinner and feeding our Zoe. Enough law enforcement for the day. Cheers, Dee




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