I Knew

he was “the one” when he went on 14 pet sitting visits in one weekend with me. I knew when I organized all his stuff three weeks later and he moved half a country away and returned two weeks later to a new job. A neighbor asked him why he came back and he just said “her.”

I knew when we were out walking a neighbor’s dog and I saw a 2br apartment 1,000 feet from mine and he called the owner, we saw it and he signed immediately. By then it was three months in. We called it the “Barbie House” as it was tiny and had three floors and many steps. I arranged to do all of his laundry if I could do mine as well. Gone, clean pile/dirty pile (his plan, never mine). Over a decade later he doesn’t even notice that the bed is made, the dog is walked and fed and all of his clothes miraculously appear in the closet clean and folded. The absent-minded professor preferred clean/dirty and opined that one never needs to make a bed as one will just get back into it at night. Ick.

I really knew when I was at Pier One, had walked 1/3 mile there and found these glasses we still have. Very utilitarian Picardie glasses for juice et al. They were really inexpensive so I bought the case of 18 glasses of three sizes.

It did not occur to me that glass is heavy, especially 18 glasses in a box. I had to stop every 250 feet and rest. Finally I gave up and crossed our park. I left them, hidden, up even more stairs and left them before his front door and limped home.

When I arrived, there was a note from my dear husband of over 11 years. It said “Home sick, need an aspirin. Do you have a glass I can borrow?” MFEO, if you ever saw Sleepless in Seattle.

He did bring something significant to the relationship besides his personality, wit and wicked brain. One plastic blue colander for the kitchen. Yes, we still have it. I moved half my kitchen in, then my office, then we got married and he got me and a bunch of furniture too.

It’s snowing again and I may insist he take my car today, even though it’s sparkly clean. But his snow tires are in storage next door and mine are on my car and I can easily put on boots and walk to the grocery and take out our old dog. I still have to do our taxes so that’ll keep me indoors a while. Plus I’ve a special home improvement project planned that will make him happy, as well as a casual Friday Pizza Night (all homemade by moi) for our new neighbor from Sweden.

Let’s hope they plow before rush hour. Yesterday after a couple of inches they waited until night until they sent out a lone plow. I’m not even trying to guess where our taxes are going in this city. Cheers and find The One. Dee


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