Arthritis and Taxes?

Oh, it was supposed to read death and taxes, the two sure things to which we look forward.

Well, I had to call our tax experts who are now charging us for federal taxes after making their site even more difficult to navigate, to put in a second W-2 because my husband’s company changed hands last year. All of a sudden I get a Miscellaneous Income check for $2K which we never received. Without the latter we went from getting 3K back to owing $500. Now I have to go back and do everything all over again. Dear Signore Dante, on which level of Hell have I landed?

Last time I had problems with this tax service they all laughed when they gave me a call back number that was a sex line. Their lawyers said I wrote the number wrong but I heard them all laughing and that was enough for me. Help!!! Dee



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