Wake up Singing

I do most every morning. Luckily I don’t keep it in my head for days. Right now I’m singing Patsy Cline’s “Walking After Midnight.” I’ll let you know when I awaken with another. I’m thinking maybe Johnny Cash.

Perhaps it’ll be Robert Duvall’s eclectic selection on Crazy Heart, an a cappela treasure.

The snowplows are finally coming by, I just took the dog out as she wouldn’t awaken last night for a final pee. It’s still dark, no sign of sun. She’s back up on the bed with my husband to enhance her beauty sleep. Must be why she’s prettier than me even though she’s older now, 70 in dog years.

You Ain’t Woman Enough to Take My Man is what I sang yesterday morning, in my head. I’ll have to go back to sleep now to get another. Of late I’ve been thinking of the late, great genius Pete Seeger (rip) and To Everything There Is A Season.

Now I want to go NYC and see the new Carole King musical Beautiful. If we could get away for just a weekend that would be a treat. Add MOMA or the Cloisters, and the Met and I’d be happy, but my husband wants to see the Natural History Museum as well, plus we have to take my brother to dinner, my favorite Italian place closed in his neighborhood and we’re already over-booked. Such is NYC.

Let’s see what song today brings. No, it won’t be anything from “Annie.” Dee


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