Mentors and Bullies

Yes, I was bullied by insecure boys trying to have fun and see who could make the little girl cry first. I was sent to the Principal’s office and given a series of photos. They rode our small bus out in the country and I didn’t want to rat them out but the Principal already knew who they were from their past behavior.

My neighbors on the dairy below knew I’d be targeted on the bus after that. Nine boys got up on the bus and told the F boys never to target Dee again. They never did so.

For mentorship of course my parents, my godparents, my aunts LB and J were there. J’s parents were as well. They’re both gone now and I look forward to talking to them and raising a glass one day. She was a fireball, in a good way. She just wanted to rain all that bright love all over you. He was quiet and just sat with me until I told him the problem, then he’d sit there on a bench a bit longer and tell me what to do, usually about bullies.

Back then I didn’t know that bullies were weak, as they’re insecure and try to appear strong and mean. I was smart enough to cut them down with a word but too shy do do so.

Without knowing it I’ve had so many mentors over the years from GG to AJ and here I was awaiting Warren Buffett or perhaps Jimmy Buffett or Pete Seeger (rip) or Johnny Cash or Clint Eastwood or perhaps Cary Grant to help out. In a pinch, Gary Cooper could make things work out. I think the shootout is at noon, at least that’s what he said.

USA Network won’t let anyone write in a bullying story unless they place it on Facebook, which must be their sponsor. I do my own thing and don’t get bullied by USA Network and Facebook. Cheers! Dee


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