Crescent Moon

An orange crescent moon arose

through the clouds. In its rise

it shimmered on the lake

but the lake was frozen

in time and place.

Perhaps so are we.


The ice fishers actually catch fish, and I even saw someone skating within the first jetty the other day, possibly inspired by the Olympics. We need to thank these young athletes for holding the torch not just for the USA but all of them, for the world.


I met someone who told me a story. I’m a person to whom stories are told because I listen. He left Cuba at age five, was arrested by the Coast Guard and spent 18 months at GITMO. I’ve serious doubts and fears of what we now, years later, call the “patriot act” but to confine a child is heinous. And his family was held for as long as five years and I don’t know if they were sent back or received asylum.

He now has a two year-old and will do anything in regard to providing for this child. It is truly inspirational to meet people who work hard and provide for their families when they came with little or nothing and are trying to make things work.


The USA was always called a melting pot. Going back to the Olympics, Our roster was normally white and wealthy, especially at the Winter Games where kids started skiing or skating at age three and were coached by their Olympian parents and others.

Now, athletes figure out in which country they can compete and use dual citizenship or proving parental records so they can compete for another country. For example seeing the name Chan in Canada which shows that we have a more global view. He’s from Toronto, but his name shows his heritage.

And the Prince who competed for Mexico? Bravo.


What holds the USA back is a continuous fight about “borders” but they’re not worried about Canadians coming in here, it’s our Southern borders that are at stake. It’s time we started to think globally.

Thanks always for reading. Sorry I’ve been a bit lax in writing for a bit. Dee


2 responses to “Crescent Moon

  1. We spent quite a bit of time watching the Olympics over Valentine’s Day weekend – we were visiting friends in Rockport & Janis was under the weather… Actually grew quite entranced w/curling aka “shuffleboard on ice”!
    But my cold intolerance seems to worsen each year, so all I can do is admire from my nice warm couch ;-)

    • Do you think I was on the ice? Except to bring ice fishers treats I’m on the couch, too. Watch “Men With Brooms.” My cousin used to work for the creator and lead, Paul Gross in Canada and her older brother is the head of Hot Docs in Toronto. D

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