Ave Maria

The bad news is that I tweaked the ankle I broke over 22 years ago walking my first dog, on snow and ice this week. It was on ice so while I did other things I watched ice, particularly the women’s short program, Olympic figure skating.

While I love my USA skaters one came to mind. That is Carolina Kostner of Italy. While she’s third right now the first three are all within a point of each other. I’ve no idea what her long program/free skate will be but she was inspirational on the ice. Kids bring the tricks, adults add fluidity and grace, and this was a most graceful performance.

Whether it was divine inspiration on her part I do not know. I’m just rooting for her tonight to capture our hearts as she did yesterday.

Yes, I think you’re great, Gracie but you are several points behind. I love my USA team and do hope you topple some of the greats. This one, Carolina, just put her heart and soul in her presentation and I felt it, not like kids doing tricks.

Unfortunately, Olympic judges tend to go for the young and inexperienced and “old athletes” nearing their upper 20’s are given short shrift. There is a very delicate balance between 15 and 28 and what an athlete can offer.

In bocca al lupo, Ms. Carolina, Cheers! Dee

p.s. My childhood heroine, one of them, was Ludmilla Tourischeva of USSR who was a consummate gymnast. She was an adult and had the style and grace of Ms. Kostner.


One response to “Ave Maria

  1. Ms. Carolina Kostner got Bronze. I believe she deserved more and that there should not be a struggle between Silver and Gold in changing rules after the competition begins. Watching her on the ice was transcendent, especially with Ave Maria. Yes, I cried. Dee

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