Confusion and Misunderstanding

I think they still call them layoffs in the working world, but in my world it’s different.

Whenever I have a concern with our living situation, it’s always prefaced by confusion and misunderstanding, as if I’m stupid. I am not confused, but my questions and requests may be misunderstood… by you.

Why high-end organizations still treat women badly is always a mystery to me. We run our homes, pay the bills and make sure Brutus gets to the vet on time.

Hey gals who are all blonde and wear stilettos, we make more than you. Take math and science courses and marry someone you want to have breakfast with for the rest of your life, no matter his income.

My bank added my husband’s name on our checks at my behest. They made it his account even though we’re both signatory and wouldn’t allow me access to my account I’d had for years before meeting him. Being married is a continuous fight for me to get access to my accounts because as soon as I put my husband on them they would only deal with him.

Now he gets on the phone, gives his info, gives my info and says I’m OK on all accounts. Talk about confusion and misunderstanding. A shamed Dee


One response to “Confusion and Misunderstanding

  1. Think about this, I’m not confused. I’m upset with this phone conversation or letter or such and need to deal with the issue. And I did not misunderstand your intent. I get it. I’m really smart. But companies always tell women about confusion and misunderstanding. Talking down to us does not work, just as paying us less to get 2X the job done as our male colleagues does not work.

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