Apparently salt does not melt snow below 15 degrees. Then they have to add chemicals. I took our dog around the block this morning and she chose which paw to put up in unusual pain and kept switching.

Our town likes to salt, not plow, real snow. Zoe likes to eat snow but only the fresh stuff. So I took her out and since she was hurt, left her with my husband and put on my real winter boots, probably a pound apiece. Thanks Doug! He sold us clothes, mostly for my husband, in the Rockies.

I went to the local coffee shop for us and got a few “Cowboy Cookies” to help the ice fishers get through the day and keep fed and warm. I couldn’t find a way to them on foot. So I put them in the freezer and will take them out and we’ll drive them down in the morning.

Anywhere I live, I find things that need to be done and try to do them while I’m there. This morning I and the dog walked by a cyclist with a winter bike with really wide tires coming up the hill over snow and ice. He got a “hurrah” and “well done!” This past week we’ve met two dogs who are newly certified therapy dogs for local hospitals.

They won’t accept my dog because she eats raw food. I’m not going to change her diet at age ten and think she makes enough people happy every day just being herself. Everyone knows Zoe, even if they forget my name.

I got three stop signs and a crosswalk in a year. We do what we can do and always try to make a difference. Make a difference in your community, Dee


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