my loves lie snoring
in our bedroom, sound asleep
awaiting just me

Of course the dog will have taken over my pillow by now.

I’ve been sitting at my desk and watching the Coast Guard ice cutter go to and fro so that the shipping lanes are clear. The Coast Guard is fascinating to me because about a year and a half ago a summer storm came up out of nowhere and their helicopter hung overhead, stationary, in 70 mph winds for an hour making sure every small craft was off the Lake and towed out of the water.

It was simply amazing. When I was 11 we had a substitute teacher for a couple of weeks and he wanted to teach us science by learning about planes and helicopters. I learned about altimeters and flaps but also Sikorsky’s and wanted to pilot a helicopter more than anything. Then I got into horses, then dogs. Boys came along way later. We had two male next-door neighbors and we’d play ghost man softball or build sand castles or they’d throw snakes at us. We were kids!

Oh, as to the drycleaning issue, I was admonished by the manager here for bringing her a problem that was one initiated by the cleaner. I agree. But this gal has no customer service capacity as of now (I suggested she get more training, not be fired). Now she’s here again tonight giving me the silent treatment and a glare, a juvenile trick that may have worked with her parents but I pay her salary. The more she messes up the more residents will complain and she’ll be history. I made a positive comment and said she needed more training. Now I let the rope out and she needs to know to hang on or hang.

As I’ve said, a concierge began as keeper of the keys and evolved to hotel amenities such as tickets to sold-out Broadway shows. We’re somewhere in-between and I just think this young woman doesn’t get that in an adult job, one must suck it up and do what is needed to fit the job description. I’m nice to everyone. I bring them great homemade food. This attitude is not what we pay for and expect. All for now, it’s late. Dee


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