In the past the term has had different connotations between apartments (doorman, packages) to hotel (amenities).

Well, we have one, several over the hours, weeks and years. This one told me I had drycleaning and when I got back from the store in sub-zero weather was told my husband’s shirts were under someone else’s name so I wasn’t allowed to take them.

After 45 minutes of my time calling the cleaners and them checking in here they cleared the shirts. Turns out my husband’s two large shirts were not what another concierge (I didn’t recognize the name because this tiny lady is only known to us by her nickname) would wear. They switched the bags and I hope I have that sorted out.

Heaven forbid the “concierge” who didn’t even ask how to help solve the problem, only thought of me as a thief stealing someone else’s shirts. In situations like this the concierge should say “there must be a problem. Let me look into it. When it’s solved we’ll take the shirts to your door.”

I took it upon myself to call the cleaners, they were very upset and helped fix the problem. I left a note, bag tag and her receipt all nice and tidy, which either the cleaner or concierge should have taken care of.

And I found out that as an employee she gets a 40% discount. Perhaps with more of these mishaps…….. Dee


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