11th Wedding Anniversary

That’s today. And it’ll be Zoe the dog’s 10th birthday this week. What a day! Most of all I’m thankful for the two of them, and for all the love and care our families and friends have given us over many years.

I may have told you this, after the ten year tin anniversary, is the spoonula anniversary with Rubbermaid kitchen gear. At least that’s what Jim thinks. I’ll shop later for his favorite meal for the ages, steak and potatoes and I’ll infuse a veg in there somewhere. Perhaps carrots.

Let’s hope next year is not adult diaper anniversary for me or Zoe. Dee



5 responses to “11th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Happy Belated Anniversary! Hope y’all had a nice weekend…
    But for goodness’ sake, you talk as if Zoe is about to give up the ghost which I think is HIGHLY unlikely – I am seeing more & more old-timers: mid-teens & higher. I may need to apply to become the Geriatric Specialist of Ellis Co ;-)

  2. She’s told to put on weight, and has success but problems with dry grain-free food. Next week she goes in for the rest of her shots and an elderly blood panel. I’m sure they’ll want to take off all her legs. You know these vets…… D

  3. I’ll buy her a skateboard ;-) !!!
    But the skinnier she stays, the longer she’ll live… Gotta send you some pix of my old man Dorian (who’ll turn 17 if he makes it to 3/05) – he looks like one of those old “It’s Been a GREAT Year!” cartoons but he’s still toddling around.

  4. Looking forward to the pics. She’s going in for a blood panel and rest of vacc next week. Plus weight. Oh, she’s added. It’s tough to carry her over the salt and to put her back up on the bed at least 2x per night. I’m going to try to keep her under 35 lbs. What would you recommend? She was really skinny at 29 and you’re her hip gal.

  5. He added mace, to be placed on the dog’s collar. So the 11th anniversary is the spoonula and mace anniversary. I said when I spray the mace on me, will the dog know how to take us home?

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