As kids we wore whatever socks our parents could find. I don’t know what my husband wore but I wore lace anklets and patent leather shoes. It’s no wonder that when we moved to the “country” I went barefoot nearly four months a year down cliffs and in woods.

When I met my husband many years ago we were both in bad work situations but he always insisted on the best clothing and started spending money on it, including expensive socks. When I say expensive, it was probably $6 per pair.

Years later we were seduced, while in the Rockies, to SmartWool socks at nearly $20 a pair. Luckily they now make “city” versions that we’ve just tried for my husband’s work. And as of last week, they work in one color trial.

When we first started on these expensive socks they were gifts for my walking a neighbor’s dog. Oh, how much we miss those gals. We now know how to find the socks but they’re no longer gifts. First, I knew how precious they were so for $20 socks I went to the outlet mall and got $8 Crocs out of the sale bin. Why? To protect my socks indoors. I wore the Crocs until I touched the thermostat and got the biggest shock of my life and was thrown into the dishwasher. No heat, six degrees outside, turned on gas fireplace while awaiting help.

We still never wear shoes inside. It’s a snow/cold thing, leaving boots at the door. Now I have prescription socks that cost $50 a pair. While I’ve many pair of Crocs, including boots (that’s another story) I’m now protecting my new socks indoors with $4 socks from an outlet store that are really ankle-length slippers.

The point is that one wants to protect feet from the outdoors and indoors. We’re geared for any kind of weather from jackets, hats, gloves et al. Now we know about shoes and I’ve learned a lot about socks. Today I donned prescription compression socks for an illness. They were horrific to don and felt really strange for a while but have put a spring in my step.

I’ve always hated shopping for shoes because very few fit me. I shop for certain shoes when I must, however now know the power of socks or legware or whatever it’s called. Ask the fashionistas, I’m not one but I believe in the power of good socks for hiking, hunting, everyday wear. Here’s to socks!

What have I become? A sock-protector. My husband loves his shoes, but now his socks as well, but the expensive socks are worth the effort. Mine are prescription but if you have the right socks for what you’re doing, go to a store that has socks that delineate between regular use, hiking, even hunting. 

No matter the sock, I wash in cold water and never place them in a dryer. The tub ledge is my sock drying station. The good ones will last a long time. All hail socks. Dee


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