Customer “Service”

Many companies are trying to transition to paperless billing and do it badly so want you to sign up for direct debit from your account. I have never done and will never do that to make their lives easier.

Mainly they send the next month’s bill the day after the last one is due, so you have to look through your email for a month to find out the amount. Or they make it technically impossible to get onto their website through passwords that must include lower case and upper case letters, symbols and numbers and be 16 characters.

Sorry, but it is impossible for me to remember every one and I don’t write them down or put them all on my laptop for security reasons.

Then there’s another kind of customer disservice. We’ve been good customers of our local storage facility for nearly two years and pay our $85 on the first day of every month. Even though I was in pain from a procedure done on 12/31/13 I deposited a check to make sure it got in on 1/1/14. No word until I got a dunning notice today.

The rate had gone up $2 so they locked us out of our unit for a due amount of $2. Yes, I paid the rent under considerable distress but I go to the office, with the dog, every month and they know us. As a business practice they should have alerted me to the fact I was $2 short and allowed me to make up the difference instead of doing a lockout and dunning notice.

Last week I fell hard on solid ice trying to pick up my dog before she fell. Instead I went down and had a ways to fall (higher than 8″ of leg) and have been icing and staying off my feet. I called after the $2 notice and ended up coming in with a baggie of quarters, dumping some of my husband’s loose change he never uses.

They said one was a nickel and made me go through my wallet and I was still a nickel short. To their extremely limited credit, they said they’d find a nickel. I’ll go tomorrow and paste a nickel to their window.

I’ve given this company great internet reviews and recommended them to neighbors. No more. Look what this customer service business lost for $2. We’ll continue to pay the bills until we arrange to get out but if they put a lock on our door for no reason we’ll have the police on it. Not so cheery, Dee


3 responses to “Customer “Service”

  1. The latter company has offered an apology. I still owe them five cents, which I will give them tomorrow.

  2. Ciao Dee. I am laughing as I read this as the same thing happened to me. I went over with my niece to get some things for her daughter’s dorm room and was locked out. I went into the office to ask why and was told that I owed them $2. I have had this storage unit for 3 years and I pay 4 months rent at a time, for my own convenience. I paid the $2, gave my 30 day notice and told them I would be moving my things to another storage facility.
    I got my delinquent notice later that week. What a way to run a business. No phone call, the person sitting at the desk reading the magazine was way to busy to do that. Customer Service, what is that?


  3. I just had someone deny me access to my husband’s shirts because the bags were switched. She didn’t offer to do anything, only looked at me as a thief trying to steal someone else’s clothes. It worked out in the end only because of the cleaner and a lot of phone time to get two work shirts out of hostage territory. She’s supposed to be there to help, not brand us as thieves.

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