I don’t remember which was which, it was a $.35 cent token for lunch and a $.02 cent one for milk. They were red and green. That’s just how things were done back then. They weren’t food stamps, our parents paid every month for what was needed.

Back then I was getting $.50 allowance per week so would give two extra cents to get chocolate milk.

It didn’t get better in another state for middle school where tater tots were the vegetable of choice, or high school when I had a slice of pizza, a Twinkie and chocolate milk. Or college…. that was chocolate cereal with chocolate milk. No, I’m not addicted to chocolate and only eat a couple of 70% squares a few times a year.

I applaud the efforts of those trying to convince government officials and bureaucrats that school lunch is a big deal, especially as some students require extra nutrition higher than they get from home.

Teaching children about food, when their parents cannot do so, is the responsibility of school and community. It would be wonderful to see children planting gardens at their school and using the herbs and vegetables they grow for meals. Letting the bureaucrats and accountants make it slave labor is not warranted and should be dealt with accordingly.

Learning about food was incredible. There are so many basics and then variations on themes that keep me going now. I see it as an adventure.

Schools planting, especially in less affluent areas, is our best step and I’m sure volunteers will help set up the planting beds and donors will provide the planting beds, soil and seeds. We are creating a new generation (well, not me), and need to assure quality nutrition. It is imperative. Dee


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