Chris Christie is “everyman?”

Tell me if I’m missing something. My take on it is that someone needed something to hit on pre-2016 and this is a big fish. He’s definitely going down and will never be president.

No presidential candidate is “everyman.” That started with JFK and now we know our leaders are always elite and flawed in so many ways. The only way we know they’re OK is if Bethesda hospital gives a thumbs up.

If they went from dog catcher to head of sewers to elected office and made their way to POTUS there are nasty things you don’t want to know.

What can we do? Get involved. What issue moves you? Whether it’s saving abandoned pets or helping rich people keep their money, go do it. And VOTE. Teach your children that by voting they make choices.

We are supposed to live in a representative democracy. That means we elect representatives to care for us, yet I believe most care for themselves and re-election first and we, the people, are an afterthought or photo op.

Let’s shake things up! Dee


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