President Christie?

I think not. I remember true leaders saying “The buck stops here” yes that was Harry Truman.

You don’t fire a staffer for what you told them to do. Yes, that’s what the feds are going to find and you’re going down for something stupid. You’ll look like the guy that had $90K in his freezer or the real loser who does penny ante stuff for a few grand a year.

As of today, the presidency is no longer within your long reach, because it reached over the GW bridge and created chaos. Your staff doesn’t decide to create such chaos, you do.

I thought you had promise. I was wrong. I’ve created crosswalks and stop signs in a town that does not respect pedestrians, especially an old lady and her elderly dog. In dog years she’s older than I am. I do not deliberately tie up traffic on a major route into Manhattan. Shame on you, Governor. Dee


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