Standing Up

I spent so much of my life shrinking back. On New Years’ Eve I was given a recommendation from my doctor to increase circulation, socks.

None will ever fit me. I called twice and emailed twice and finally they faxed in a prescription for socks. I’ll be wearing them for the rest of my life so it would be a good idea if they actually fit. They want to increase circulation, not reduce it.

I’ll be measured first thing Monday morning before edema sets in. I’ve a great neighbor who steered me to a pharmacy with experts that actually measure and have socks made. Let’s not get into it but I’m a highly unusual size. Short wide feet, Dad’s calves. ‘Nuff said.

If you see me on the street I won’t be the one in stilletos, I’ll be in Crocs. After decades I need to be myself and give the best of myself to my family and friends. Today I stood up for myself because it’s up to me to do so, in order to do my job of caring for others. Cheers, Dee

ps Next I’m finding our HSA account with money they say does not exist. Care to bet on how many phone calls it’ll take to happen?


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