New Year, New Life

When I talk about “out of the box thinking,” I’m not talking Food Network’s Sandra Lee.

I did find pannetone, an Italian fruit bread, on sale and had some cream so made a custard (one egg will set one cup of milk or cream) with orange zest. Then for the sauce I did 1.5 cups heavy cream, added a slurry of 2T cornstarch and water, mixed thoroughly, bring cream back to the boil. I added a splash of vanilla and 1/3 cup of brandy because I had a bit on hand.

My Beef Carbonnade was cooked at varying heats for three hours. I moved it to another container and placed it in the oven for another four hours after refrigerating overnight. It was tasty the first time, tender and delicious the second over egg noodles. I believe the recipe is on this site.

The other day I saw a recipe for Irish fondue with Irish cheddar and Guinness, and dipping items. Immediately, I thought, why not make a fondue with local ingredients? I’ll work on that later today after I find the perfect bottle of local beer to go with the local cheese.

Perhaps after I perfect the fondue recipe the local news outlet will print it, even online. Cheers to good cooking. Dee


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