The Second Frig

It’s snowing, from the east. I saw a barge offshore lit up like a Christmas tree and all of a sudden it disappeared. Snow has passed 20 minutes later and there are actually plows out on the roads. Miracle of miracles! Yet my only explanation is that they want to be home for Christmas so are doing their jobs early instead of days late or not ever.

Our former mountain home had round-the-clock plowing plus shoveling. Here, there’s just salt. I have to pick up the dog (30 plus lbs.) because the salt on ice or snow kills her paws and she’s an older girl. So as of last weekend she has a coat, but as of last weekend, snow booties. I’d rather carry her than put those on.

It looks like a winter wonderland and is seventeen degrees right now. I have to check the temperatures to find out how many layers to wear in the morning and what type of boot. Some people collect designer shoes, I make sure I’ve the right winter clothing for me and my husband. Scotland story? I’ll see if I told it before.

Trifle is a Brit “pudding” that is very easy to make. I made one and assembled it in the trifle bowl and had no place to put it. It is in a secure bag inside another bag with packing peanuts et al around it. We had to temporarily place it on our balcony in 11 degree weather so it wouldn’t freeze. We gave it as a gift today.

Several other items had to go out to the “second frig” which we were used to having in the mountains. That was our garage. I always kept our lemon and berry trifle in the garage. My husband would bring it to work for his team.

All the markets are closed today and while we expect mostly a quiet day together, we do have plans for a brief visit with friends.

I ordered bone-in beef ribeye steaks that we’ll cook on the grill. Rosti potatoes, green beans and braised carrots. Just the two of us. After traveling halfway across the country on the train that would not end (we were ten hours late) to visit sixty of my husband’s relatives for Thanksgiving, we enjoy some quiet time together, just us and Zoe (the dog). No, she will not get steak.

Health and happiness throughout the new year, Dee


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