Rote Learning

Battle of Hastings


Ask anyone and they will say 1066; no one ever learned what happened there. They just learned to repeat what the teacher said and answer a quiz every week.

I paid one third of my college tuition through summer work, as my parents would not allow me to work during the school year (I volunteered for Development, checked coats and gave out name tags and earned way better meals than the cafeteria)!

Taking two religion classes and two philosophy classes were required, and we were not forced to go to Mass. The first philosophy class was taught by a priest who said do not think, if you do you will not pass my tests. Oh, and if you can prove that God does not exist you’ll get an A. My second religion class was forced on me at age 17 and the Prof was called Dr. D for a reason. It was American Evangelical Tradition.

He told me we had graduate-level work and I was 18. I had to write a 20-page paper and I did it on Billy Graham’s financial practices. Of course I got a D.

Dad said that if I ever got below a C he would cut off college tuition support. I packed everything and came home for the summer and told him I got a D in religion and he said “it’s only religion!” I was Deans’ List thereafter.

Don’t think in philosophy? How can they charge parents for that course? Fortunately I had two profs that opened my mind and my life. And I had a couple of great teachers growing up. Thank you AL and J, Sally, Fr. Cap. and Fr. John. Enjoy the holidays! Dee

ps Fr Cap, I loved Mass at the Chapel and even went downtown for the Latin Mass and knew all the responses. Now I only go to Mass in Italy but would love to see the Basilica here.


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