Hanging up is never a good thing unless the people who work for you say awful things after they think they hung up their phone, like “thanks for being unreasonable.” I called back and fired them immediately as no-one treats me like that and gets away with it.

I think we’ve lost customer service and personal decorum as a people and don’t know what to do to get it back. I’ve six phone calls mostly from the Police today about tagging on a trail where I can’t walk my dog because of sexual assaults, and one woman walked in to the next building and never came out and police took out all our garbage to check for remains, that info came from my barber who knows everything. It bodes ill for our neighborhood and the services for which we pay dearly.

Trust is a word I only use for my husband, dog, father and certain family members. There are friends I’ve invited over for years who I trusted and have turned against us. Service is another matter, but I need to trust anyone who comes into our home. Take a pet sitter, who has our home and dog and I trust them implicitly and they’ve always come through, Zoe has even chased a strange man (to me, because I don’t have dog eye and nose capabilities) down the street because he had once cared for her. He turned around and patted her and said her name, nearly a year later. Now that’s service.

When I pay for service, I expect it and always leave extra for the good work that has been done. I pay for excellent service and when someone I hire hangs up the cell phone while saying “thank you for being unreasonable” I take action.

I’ll find someone else. I’ll do it myself until I can do so. No, I’m not the word that rhymes with witch, I’ve been ill for 30 years now and can justify having help twice a month. It’s life. Anyone will tell you I’m a good egg. You don’t need to like us but do your job and please do not insult us. Better days, cheers, Dee.


3 responses to “Service

  1. Sorry you had a rough time… My day didn’t end too well either. Last-minute emergency: 4-lb Chihuahua puppy mauled by big dog, trailer park trash w/no $$$ reeking of alcohol. I’m generally courteous but had to tell drunken women to shut up A.) so I could auscult poor puppy’s chest & B.) her fumes were dizzying!
    Did all I could for little thing, touch n go whether she’ll make it through the night, but her kind-hearted neighbor put up her debit card as collateral.

  2. Poor doggie. Zoe and I hope she makes it through. The dog, not the owner. And hope you get paid. Otherwise this may be a Christmas gift but only if the dog goes to a good home. xoxo D

  3. Sorry, Dad, for placing you after the dog. You are always a special person in my life. Zoe has been with us for nearly ten years and I’ve been away from any homes you’ve had for a long time. Mi dispiace, D

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