Question for WordPress

I have bay leaves. I buy them fresh once a year. Then they are washed and dried, placed in a bag in the freezer for use in soups and stews and stocks all year. Even my mother thought that was a good idea and I used her frozen bay leaves to make her stock when she was sick.

When my sisters cared for her they brought canned stock. She said “Dee always made it herself.” That’s probably the most praise from her for the child she never wanted and never cared for and only, on her deathbed, said “Get me a glass of water, please.” I was always grateful for the “please” and went back to hurricane land but awakened the moment of her death, took the dog to the Park and awaited the call that came from my sisters two hours later.

I arranged to donate her eyes as she had requested. My sisters were angry at the time it took but it was a good thing. She was cremated and her ashes scattered. It’s been five years but aside from those words and the Priest I got her, I haven’t heard from her in over seven years, but I did say “I love you, Mom” at Last Rites. That’s another story.


Why does WordPress help people write and not help people negotiate WordPress and how to better their site? I’m not talking about monetizing it, just making it better.

Should we have bartering so I can help people write and others can help me with technical aspects? All I know is that sometimes I awaken at night and need to put something down on paper to do tomorrow or write an email or post.

I have to get the thoughts out of me, which was not always the case. I was afraid of writing, that I’d never be good enough. Now I can write this in minutes but am terrified of writing a novel. Bigger things. Shovel snow enough and you’ll get it.

Walk your dogs for 20 years and you have stories to tell.

Bartering, WordPress? Think about it. Cheers! Dee


One response to “Question for WordPress

  1. Dear CW, you will find joy in your life once again. Plus, you’ll have loving memories of your mother to cherish forever. Frame and hang a happy photo. Remember and write down all the good things. Even in our old age we still have a life to live. Mom died five years ago and she never wanted or liked me but I was there with her near the end. For a couple of years I tried to call her for recipes. She’s still on my laptop and phone. Never forget, dear.

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