Sometimes, with age comes wisdom, one might know what’s coming around that next bend in the road.

For me, my body has tried to hurt, if not kill me, about every five to ten years. I believe I’ve turned the corner this time with a great doctor who doesn’t believe in my theory of my current health issue. As long as I’m getting better, I’m OK with that.

Companies nowadays have no paperwork for health care decisions. They give a strict deadline, emphasis intended, that provides no data on options, no plan data, no fancy multi-colored paper guides (they’re saved for new hires) and even no preferred provider information. They they give a strict deadline and you have to sit down and look at the options without any information as to what you did online last year and choose, blind.

The terms you are choosing are health insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, life insurance, short-term and long-term disability et al. There is no assistance available, no plans to read and one makes a decision based on a template the employer chooses with a very brief window in which to respond.

Talk about reminding an employee and family that death is around the corner. To employers, make it easy for employees to know their choices. Also, allow confirmed spouses access to the database. Above all, if one chooses an HSA please allow them to use it to bring down their deductible. Some people never even get cards to use their own saved money for doctor visits or prescriptions.

We’re stuck in this healthcare program and who knows what money we have in it, only that we can’t use it so pay in to a program that is tax-free and currently must pay medical expenses out-of-pocket after our money is taxed. Go figure.

Anything would be better than this non-plan. This year I’ll look into healthcare marketplaces and see if one works for us until the deadline is upon us once again. In the meantime I will write the President and members of Congress. Dee


2 responses to “Knowing

  1. Another curve ball has been thrown. It’s up to me to check its legality.

  2. ?? Curve balls ??

    I remain cautiously optimistic; just received new paperwork from BCBS… My premiums may actually be slightly reduced, but awaiting that 1st invoice.

    Good luck honey

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