First Tree

As an adult, I’ve never had a Christmas tree. I always had a wreath for the front door with some favorite ornaments. We kids each got an ornament every year and they were packed up at age 18 to take off to college.

My husband of nearly 11 years and I have never had a tree. He says he is allergic. So we only needed to buy a tabletop tree, three feet high.

On it are so many memories and not even ones from childhood but for my husband and my time together. There’s Santa in a kilt from Scotland, a snowman with lasso from Texas, a tiny mouse sleeping in a walnut shell as an homage to my dear friend Mrs. H.

There are airplanes from an Oshkosh museum, our first ornaments I got for us before we were married, faded green and blue painted wooden stockings. There’s a recycled glass star from the EcoCenter in Park City. and cardboard ornaments from an event I created 20 years ago called Kids for Kids.

Of course there are cooking-related ornaments, including a reindeer carrying a tray of cookies, a whisk and others. Then there are swirly tin ornaments that catch the light and were handmade in Vermont where we spent some time with my husband’s parents.

I had the lights and ornaments and it’s beautiful. I’d send a photo but my camera is out of batteries. Perhaps tomorrow? We also have two stockings, one with an angel and the other a male Cardinal.

As my husband has already gotten his birthday and Christmas presents I gave him cards as well, one from me stating that the Internet is where Grammar Goes to Die, another from the dog saying “Feed Me Already.”

I also have coasters and a crocheted perfectly starched family of snow people from my m-i-l. And we didn’t need a wreath. I have two jingle bell wreaths. The gold and silver one is outside our front door with a few ornaments, and the red and white one is inside the front door with a few more ornaments.

There’s nothing like a “free” Christmas! We don’t buy gifts, and will need to go to a few holiday parties but this is one to celebrate. We’re here, we’re alive and both nearly well. And husband Jim isn’t allergic to the tree… yet. Neither of us can smell it yet as he’s been kind enough to give me his cold. Cheers! Dee

ps If there’s enough adult in me to obtain and decorate a tree, perhaps next year I’ll try making prime rib, roasted potatoes, lots of veg (that was what I was in charge of in past years) and Yorkshire pudding. Plus mincemeat tarts and trifle. D


One response to “First Tree

  1. Perhaps a panforte as well, as long as I got that glass candy thermometer……

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