The Right One

Looking for the right one was a song I always loved, by Art Garfunkel of the famed duo. They are fantastic together but seem to have very different tastes in music and that can be good.

Twelve years ago I found the right one and we married. Nine years ago we got a dog so I’ve two right ones that I’m about to go see momentarily.

When you marry, make sure you get the right one, even if it takes 20 years it’s worth not marrying a jerk and getting a divorce. I almost agreed to get married right out of college but I didn’t know myself yet so needed to figure out jobs and living on my own, so called it off after three weeks. I took a car, bus, train and cab for 13 hours to do this and he held me for a weekend and made a call to my parents (he’d asked my Dad if he could marry me and told me his plans and Dad said OK) to let them know what I was trying to do to him.

Dad said that he would support any decision I made. It’s not the day he held me for the first time, the time he forgave me for getting tar off his car with steel wool, it is that day that will always stay in my mind.

Why? I waited and did not date for years. Then, all of a sudden I met my prince. At TGIFridays at lunch, just after 9/11. He took my hand and after nearly 12 years has never let go.

As an old married lady I can tell you to wait for the right one. Your heart will go pitter-pat every time he walks in the door. And if you marry you get to nag about socks on the floor. You still have to wash them.

I found the right one and love my husband and the dog we’ve had for over nine years. I have to thank Art Garfunkel for part of that, for all those years, Dee


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