Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill cranes, iron-rich
Feathers glinting in the sun
Nesting time again

Greater Sandhill Crane

Greater Sandhill Crane


6 responses to “Sandhill Cranes

  1. Someone searched this site for how to cook a Sandhill Crane. Hope you’re not hunting in our neighborhood! Dee

  2. Got a hit from a hunter who was delighted to put three shots into a Sandhill Crane and then ask me for recipes. These birds are protected out here, and I’ll check to see if they’re protected in the US. The site that hit mine wouldn’t let me in or register.

  3. They were very close to the house today, a couple and their two colts. It’s always a pleasure to see them so close to home. Look for photos. Dee

  4. Yes that was Haiku
    Do cranes come back in April
    Will we still be here

  5. We are not there this year, but very early on, a few days before we left, a solitary Sandhill flew right over my car, telling me it’s OK to go, we have family where you’re moving. And the Crane Foundation has confirmed there are many here. We just have to go to the right place. Dee

  6. I have seen cranes over Lake Michigan. Solitary. Only three in over a year. Usually seagulls, ducks and geese. But the cranes back home had two colts this year and I’ll bet they’re learning to fly right about now so they can leave in October for southern climes. Thank you, “godzilla birds” for the best reality show I’ve ever seen. The Preserve.

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