Nanny’s Surprise…


The family has kept this secret for months! This afternoon over twenty of us joined in a belated birthday concert by Juni Fisher, The Western Music Association’s 2008 Songwriter of the Year. Ms. Fisher regaled us with songs and stories, then we ate supper and went our separate ways.

Nanny was surprised and very pleased, and it’s an pleasure to organize something to honor all she is to this family that I’m proud to have married into.

This project began months ago with the Chuck Wagon Throwdown on this site. Thanks to pdxknitterati for bringing “Red Velvet Slippers” and Juni Fisher to my attention. To have a private concert in our cousin’s brand new home with just a handful of guests was incredibly special.

Juni has four CD’s out and Jim and I bought them all and will listen en route home tomorrow morning. Just check out for information on her tours and history et al.

Thanks for hosting, Sharon and Ken. Jim’s Mom Margie made terrific sandwiches (ham, roast beef or chicken salad) on her infamous potato rolls, plus her equally renowned Italian cream cake. I added store-bought panforte to expose these Southern palates to more worldly tastes. I also made a large lemon and berry trifle that practically disappeared. A British pudding dessert, who would imagine its success!

All in all, it was a lovely weekend. Hope yours is as much fun. Dee


4 responses to “Nanny’s Surprise…

  1. Wheeeeee! Congratulations on a secret well kept, and a project well done! Wish I could have been there. Too cool!

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  3. Of course if you are interested in the CD’s please check the website directly, In the morning Ill have Jim fix it in html but right now it’s late. Dee

  4. I’m sorry we were unable to make it, babe…
    Zach’s wrestling tourney ate up the whole day in overcrowded disaster; his division should have started at 1 PM but didn’t get underway until almost 3… Zach was defeated around 3:30 but we stayed around to watch a couple of his teammates wrestle & didn’t get outta there until almost 5 PM!

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