The Best Things

in life are not free. Especially when it comes to taking care of a dog while you’re away from home and can’t take her with you. Heads and tails above the others and affordable was Dog Boys Dog Ranch. She had cattle, horses, and as a pup with excised hips she was placed with older, sedate dogs.

Don’t listen to that. Those dogs did not chase our Zoe around the pasture. They whispered in her ears. She learned so many bad habits it was actually funny. “Tell them you can’t get up to the kitchen counter then eat their steak.” We’re smarter than her but she has messed with our minds for 13 years now. Yes, she did that. She also stole a croissant and needed to bring it to her special place to eat it so it looked like a mustache and she took it right by our guests at brunch and we couldn’t stop laughing. There was no way she would be reprimanded!

We thank Dog Boys for not only taking care of her, but shaping her character through allowing her to interact with other dogs and people. Everyone knew her, she was sometimes in the office. Now she is an erstwhile friend to many in the neighborhood and a mascot around town. Thank you. Dee & Z

When I think of the people we allowed to take care of her over her many years, as a pup she went to Dog Boys and they still remember her 12 years later. Sorry to give this away. I’m writing a piece because I think many dog boarding facilities are sub-standard and our Zoe has been in several. Others charge a fortune for sub-standard care at home. Dee


Today I had a “date” with a gal pal to go shopping with her four month-old son, G. We followed her in the stroller through the shop. I figure she hasn’t been out in the cold weather to get more than groceries these days.

We came back to our place and I played the guitar for G and he was fascinated. Then we went to their place and I held G and Mommy was amazed that she got a break and that G liked me! He even placed his head on my shoulder for a couple of minutes and slept. He is very bright and vivacious, and very strong, was standing and jumping on my legs, and dancing to music when Mom was holding him while I played guitar and sang Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land.”

I came home and an hour later after I fed and took out our dog Zoe I sat back on the sofa and crashed. I don’t know how Mommy does this all day! Just know I’m too old for it. G’s 13 lbs. and a healthy, growing infant.

I do believe he needs to be exposed to music, and I’d like to talk to Mom about sign language. I’ve a friend who did that with her kids. Simple things like change my diaper, feed me, pick me up. Then she taught “I love you.” and when they came to visit when she was six years old she still signed Mom I love you when she went off to play with the dogs.

Before they can vocalize they can do sign language to let parents know if they’re feeling ill, need to be fed or need a diaper change. I think it’s amazing! No, I fear they’ll never ask to be put down for a nap to give Mommy a break! Cheers, Dee


My Zoe

The belle of the ball. Oh, she was so sick when we took her home. Just six weeks old, coccidia and hookworms but we took care of that immediately until her hips went out and we had them removed at six and nine months then (thanks Dr. Val) she was great. A mascot around the neighborhood she enjoys her status as grandma to the pups and mascot out and about.

I talk about her and my many years of  volunteering to ask readers to ask the family if you want a pet, what type of pet, make sure you know that your kids are ready for that responsibility whether it’s a guinea pig or a dog. It is a serious responsibility. I know parents don’t like this extra task, however if your child takes it seriously, they’ll be better children, students, and spouses and parents one day.

If the hamster dies, show it, bury it with them. Don’t tell them the cat went to heaven. If they’re old enough take them to see Fluffy be euthanized with your hands on her head and tummy while they say goodbye for the last time.

The kids don’t have to stay the entire time for the pink shot. You do. You owe it to your pet for his/her service to you, because you think they only wanted to be fed and walked and took up your time. My dog is getting old and as I lifted her up to the bed, all she cares about is taking care of me and making sure I’m safe. Us, but he is the fun guy and I am the disciplinarian and food wench, she only cares about me! Food! Dee

A Nation?

I wrote a certain Congresswoman to say thanks for what she’s doing and what her bravado and courage meant to me 25 years ago.

She will not accept any mail from outside her district. This is not our country, our US of A, it is mini-fiefdoms. That is what our elected officials have become. Entrenched, enriched, with way better health care and ready to retire comfortably.

Can we say that about us? No job security, sometimes no job. No health insurance that means anything. No retirement and even with a bit in savings I believe our interest is about $6 per year.

Now it’ll get worse. The middle and lower tax brackets will be raised so rich people can get richer. When a representative of Congress refuses to take a thank-you that’s a sign that we have fiefdoms, not a country, I vote for the country in which I was born, the United States of America. Not every state or each congressional district. I was born here, I live here and should be allowed to send a thank-you note. Cheers! Dee

Insurance. Fraud.

I have insurance. Lots of it, for everything but Dad’s precious paintings they want appraised before they’ll insure.

Of late (and I get up early/late) there are ads to take DNA tests for ancestry. I do not know what the privacy policies are but I just saw one around ten p.m. that promised health analyses and kidney and other functions. They must sell this information or be hired by insurers.

If this is a way to deny deserving people health care, our government should be ashamed. I paid $1,200 per month for health care on time every month last year with a company that denied ER, consultation, surgery, biopsy of my tumor and final follow-up visit. $15K. I’ve been fighting them since the first denial that said since only my head was spurting blood it was not a danger to life or limb. I wrote back that if my head was gone my limbs would not be of much use. I had an 8×8 mm tumor.

Luckily I am able to say it was benign but I may have more. Needless to say at the changing point we opted for new health insurance and I am pursuing legal action against the company. Now I just call it Inhumane. Guess the company. When I go on Medicare I will  never choose them as no matter what you pay in, nothing ever comes out. OK, it does but only in the form of employee bonuses for denying every claim that comes in.

I may have another eye tumor and am afraid of doctors a bit, but mostly hospitals and insurance companies. Thanks, for reading and listening and keeping in touch. Dee

Hey There Delilah

I am taking up guitar again and had mine reconditioned and just got my music from storage. Homage to the Plain White T’s for the only song I have that is of this century. Dad was a musician so I’ll take it up for him. His life was more important than me giving up violin after seven years to go to the mall with my gal pals.

Delilah is my computer, my savior ten years ago when we moved overseas. I could get access to bill pay, Skype and talk to home. She was a peach but I’m three OS’s behind and software is blocking me now.  I’ll save you ICE (in case of emergency) but yesterday my husband made me get a new laptop, it’s charging right now. I’m sorry. It’s half your weight and 1/3 the thickness, more oomph for memory, storage and battery life. And my husband is getting me a newer, bigger monitor. I just have to find a new “skin” for my cord-free keyboard.

Sorry for “cheating” on you. You’ve been a stalwart friend who has helped me write, pay bills and taxes, and answer emails. Thank you for your service. It is much appreciated. Thanks, D, from Dee and thank you, reader! Tonight it’s NY Strip and loaded baked potato. I have to figure out how to hide kale. Hmmmm, Dee


I now know why I won’t move back to California, only visit my husband in Silicon Valley.

Today, as a retired consultant, I was told that I might be considered for a job if I’ll take a typing test. Yes, a typing test.

Pre-computer age I was told never to say I could type looking for a job because I’d become a typist and nothing more. At high school graduation my English teacher Aunt gave me her first, the first, portable electric Smith-Corona typewriter and I was the envy in the dorms. Gals would line up. It was the heaviest “laptop” I’ve ever carried in the case. Now this 1957 beauty as in first edition, goes for six dollars on E-Bay. I still carry it around the country because it helped me educate myself and tell me I could write. My Aunt wanted me to have it, she believes in me to this day.

At my age I will not take a typing test to get a low-paying job. I am a college graduate. Yes, my MacBook is old and I’m getting a new one but will keep the old ICE, like I’ve my husband’s name ICE on my new iPhone, In Case of Emergency. I like taking care of things that serve me well. Thank you, reader, for being here. Hope all is well with you. Cheers! Dee