Vision, Redux

I have a home in mind for us.

Yesterday in the midst of cleaning and keeping dog Zoe out of the way, I lost my glasses. After looking everywhere I went to the car for the grocery to get a few things and they were around my neck!

I know my eyglass purveyor and its docs do charitable work all over the world so also found some old “readers” to clean up and donate that will be used with new prescription lenses for those in need.

I also see forward for us. I’d love a log cabin in the woods with a view. Two bedrooms, great kitchen, alcove where I can work whilst listening to sounds that my kitchen work may boil over, wood stove (plus heat and A/C) and two baths. All one floor, heated garage, and storage.

Also, my “in my head” designed guest cottage with full kitchen and bath. One can dream, dear. My glasses are hanging out on my neck and I’m giving some eyeglasses to Chinese children. We’re supposed to be “covered” for healthcare in the USA but it’s not happening as insurance companies deny claims.

My new glasses are precious so I put on a pair of readers on before sleep and nestle the new one in its blanket and case. Doc laughed and says these children get glasses and their parents to whom they donate place the glasses in a case and will not allow the child to wear them because they’re too precious. In my mind, their children are way more important. The effort is to help children read, learn and putting the glasses away thwarts that effort that a lot of love and expertise went into.

As my old glasses are covering my eyes once again, I must tell you a story. When my husband was very young his teacher knew he had a vision problem and told his parents.

When he walked out of the doctor’s office with coke-bottle glasses he could actually see the other side of the street for the first time. It makes me cry every time I think of it. Normal. It was normal for him to not be able to see. He explained his vision to me years later. Yes, physics, math, software that runs stocks and banks and oil/gas and consulting. He could see all the time, just not through his eyes.

He just bought our nephew an oscilloscope, fancy soldering iron et al because he wants to be an electrical engineer. He’s happy to have it, and has a smart friend over so they can work on things together. Luckily Mom and Dad are near. Please be safe, boys.

Kids think things are normal until they learn otherwise. I thought every grandfather had his leg cut off in WWII. It was normal. I grew up seeing his artificial leg in the corner of the bedroom where he spent six months a year.

It is what we learn from life that is important, and that we actually learn from our education and our lives. Left hand, right hand. My husband is strong in math/science and I am in Soc/psych and dealing with people. It’s a classic combination, geek and chic. But I’m not chic, I cook and wear Crocs. Cheers! Dee

He Wants Me to Go

and I committed to him years ago in marriage but not to where he is working. I am worried that the stress of a commute will be worse than the air travel.

He doesn’t want to live there, either. We might be looking at one-hour flights. Hopefully from a tax-free state.

Right now, we are home and he tries to see me and dog Zoe every weekend. My father moved us a lot so a home base is important to me. Clients are ephemeral, they come and go on a whim. I can’t justify moving lock, stock and barrel for one client who might disappear tomorrow.

I know where we’ll end up. He doesn’t, yet. I’ll stay here until he has time to think about it. Cheers and Good Morning! Dee

The Sun Will Come Up

today, bet your bottom dollar it’s 4:30, come what may. I need my beauty sleep, so have gone UBD for early morning, come what may. Tomorrow is only a day away.

UBD is our code for under bed dog. She goes under my side of the bed to stay out of the sun (the shades are down) and assure that I cannot go anywhere without her knowledge. I’m in the den now and expect her to be at my feet at any moment. She’s a herder. We’re her pack. Yes, but I’m the morning gal with food and a walk. When he’s in town my husband takes her for long walks and plays ball with her in the house. He’s the fun guy and takes her out at night. I’m the food wench and disciplinarian. And you wonder why we don’t have kids.

We had folks here for spring cleaning yesterday and I was really pleased with the results. Give them high fives, Zoe! 20 minutes after they left I’d brushed out Zoe on a towel and placed the bag with dog fur in the trash and she ambled out to sleep on the living room rug (her beds are still outside) and there was dog fur all along the hallway.

My husband agrees that no matter what I do I cannot win the war against fur, no matter how many times I bathe or brush her out. That’s the way it is,said Walter Cronkite, my favorite news personality. Good morning. She’s not here yet, must be tired as she needs at least 20 hours of sleep per day to look as gorgeous as she is. Dee

My Heroes

Yes, there’s my father, and we’re going on a trip for his birthday. Then there’s my husband of nearly 14 years.

When I asked Dad his New Years’ resolutions, as we were alway seeing family slides of him in the Army I used to say “wake me when I’m borned.” His Resolution was alway to be as perfect as he was the last year.

I love him dearly. There is no question that he made me who I am. He made me kind, compassionate, smart, and a competitor. He made me believe I could be an Olympian, Astronaut or President. I had a great career but am now a wife and a dog mom, the ****************, I can’t let you use it because after I hit 100K I’m changing blogs, if anyone ever uses blogs anymore as I don’t tweet.

As to my husband after 15 years together he derives value in knowing that he has to go through less stuff with the government that allows me not to be interrogated by the TSA while he goes through the quick line that does not involve shoe or laptop removal. He’s carrying BBQ beef, not allowed but he got through right away and was luckily hanging on to my purse, shoes and laptop while they ran me through naked, pat-down and bomb residue. Me?

He’s a “go-to” guy and a great leader of people with serious software skills. So am I, a go-to gal but not on that scale, as he says I’m on the “soft side” with Soc and Psych. I’ve skills, and help people and animals but am retired. Our dog Zoe is old and a mascot to the community. Recently immigrant neighbors who do not traditionally like dogs have knelt in her presence and petted her.

I only created the calmness and education, not the presence. Same with my old dog Chani. Setting the stage by making them good dogs made a difference. You know I only adopt from shelters. It is a testament to them for bringing their energy and lives to others. Neighbors bought a tree for the city for Chani, and I know when Zoe leaves us at least some folks may water a favorite tree for her. I already know a place for her ashes. It’s in Texas. Dee

It’s “C” Day!

It’s also Dee Day because spring cleaning was done today. It took two ladies 3.5 hours each but was worth every penny. I took time out to groom the dog. She was in our bedroom when they left. Twenty minutes later she was lying in the living room. There was dog fur all over the hallway that was just mopped. Ah, well, it’ll be regular from now on.

So, C can be for Clean. Also, I made my regular lasagne recipe yesterday, my “10 Minute Lasagne” from this blog, probably with better sauce (bottled) and no-boil Canneloni, another C. My husband liked it so much better. I will have to get a pastry bag and some tips because the zip-top bag didn’t work very well and it took the two of us to make it go. He squeezed the bag. I held up the noodles until they were filled and placed them in the sauce.

And the kicker is that my husband rarely comes into the kitchen except to get water, ice or Dr. Pepper. A few years ago it was my idea for a community herb garden. Now people are actually using it, yea! I bring scissors once a week to keep the plants from bolting too soon.

Saturday I trimmed the plants and took a small sampling and buzzed them up with butter, salt and pepper. We made a wonderful steak (second is in the freezer for when he’s home next weekend) and baked potatoes and I had no sour cream, something I can do without but that he loves. I refrigerated one butter, froze the second in ramekins.

When he saw what I was putting on the potatoes, he said, oh, that’s a compound butter!  Excuse me, who is this man and what have you done with my husband???

To his credit he has wanted to learn pancakes (where I even whip egg whites for really light, fluffy ones) and hand-crank egg pasta. Nothing new recently. But when have you had a guy who doesn’t even know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich ask about compound butter? Yes, I think he’s spent nearly 15 years around me. Who else would lobby for a community herb garden?

He tells folks I’ve created a food snob. He used to eat individually wrapped string cheese and leave wrappers from his frig to computer. Now he opines on the age of cheddar. Compoundedly and confusedly yours, Dee


That’s why I do not like WordPress’ new system. I come up with an idea and want to write and you present me with challenges that, when I hurdle through all of them, can no longer write.

Keep me on the old one, or I will leave. I have my own domain and can do anything I wish but would like to stay with you because you used to be good to me over many years. Sincerely, Not Uncategorized, just cookingwithdee. Dee

It’s Not the Season Yet

How do I know? I lived there for years and was given liberty by the vineyard owner to not only run through his vineyard to catch the school bus, but to eat anything I wanted as long as I didn’t waste anything, like grape fights with the neighbors, which we never did.

Mr. C is gone now and so is his wife. My old friend R is head of the property now. Funny I married into a dairy farm, as were they.

You’re checking in now for something that will happen in October. I applaud you for that. I’m going to see when the harvest will happen and perhaps send some additional information.

As to waste, I did spit out the seeds. More grapes. Dee