Thirteen Days

That’s what the Kennedy administration had to deal with the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is what we have to decide about life and work.

On scale it may not be important but it is to us. All the forces are coming down upon us and some change must happen and soon.

I’m the one on point. Please let me meld healthcare, retirement and other items so we can live a peaceful life. Thanks, cheers, Dee

Rabbits, Hats and Air Force One

I would have loved to be by the red carpet when our President, visiting a union rally, shook the hand of the Governor, noted union buster. Air Force One was right out on the tarmac while my husband and I were eating a burger outside of security. Yes, we were allowed real silverware. I asked if I could leave his bag for a minute to go twenty feet to the window to see the plane and the waiter said “there’s so much security here no-one will take it.”

This was a quick visit after many weeks and we got some business-type things taken care of, he slept a lot, we kept him on his time zone while I worked both with the dog, and we bought him some clothing to get by.

The two shirts didn’t work and he just asked me to go back to the store and get our money back later this week. I am noted to be sneaky, legally, as in finding ways around traffic. I called the store to tell them of their error, and they said the shirts could be returned. We’re talking $80 dress shirts. I then called the store by the airport and ordered two shirts sight unseen and asked them to put them up at the counter so no-one could purchase them.

We arrived, one shirt was un-pinned and ironed and my husband put it on, I drove him to the airport and he’s off again. He arrived safely.

Do you think I ruined all my rabbit and hat trick? We’re facing deadlines in life and work, the same deadline and we’ve thirteen days and the clock is ticking.

At the store, I saw a gorgeous paisley tie on the associate who was working there, a gift from his daughter, not from the store. I’m picking out bespoke shirts from Hong Kong and India/London and found two paisley ties. My shirt choices are from pink and purple, a new look for suits and being approachable as a tall guy.

My gut always tells me what to do. Right now we have to order shirts that will go with suits and ties because I know that’s the next step. Now it’s business casual and he always dresses 1-2 tiers up. This has been and is a rocky road but we always get through it. Hope your kids are happy being back at school and that you even got a vacation this year! We did not.

Here’s one half of the snack/lunch I brought the staff from the herb garden I envisioned and keep up and the photo didn’t come up. I made boursin with cream cheese, butter, all of our herbs and a clove of garlic. It was served on two vibrantly striped melamine trays with cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, snap peas and yellow peppers. A ramekin with our herb mix was in the center.

Life and work. Sometimes I really hate that my husband’s work determines our life and that I gave up my work to travel with him. Now we need to make decisions that will affect the rest of our lives, forever.

The cabin on a lake beckons. As long as there’s a Whole Foods nearby! I know what to do and need to make it happen. Don’t worry, Hipless Wonder Dog, you’re a part of it, too. Cheers! Dee



We expand as we need, up to nearly 1250 sf. Yes we’ve a second bedroom, the study. We bought an expensive futon to serve as a sofa and guest bedroom. The rest is the office.

Now I go in there to hydrate my guitar, get balloons for my husband to entertain local kids (yes, a software geek and balloon twister) and work the blinds for sun management.

Our dog is smarter, however. She has decided the 2nd bathroom is hers already, so has now claimed our “study,” using the carpet to wipe her face after meals and the futon to dry herself after a bath. Ten years ago I said “Adopt from the local shelter, pay $75 and rack the rest up in vet bills.” Luckily she’s been healthy since her two hip removals as a pup, and everyone in the neighborhood knows her and wants to pet her because she’s so kind and soft.

I don’t think we’ll go down as the only couple in history who gave up their guest bedroom and bath for their dog, but she sleeps on and under our bed so she’s taken the Master as well! Brava, Zoe. Happy Labor Day, we had great aged steaks last night and husband gets half of mine as steak and eggs this morning…. Dee

Leaps of Faith

My husband came back to me after five weeks away at a new job across the country. Things have been a bit rocky over the phone so I asked if he was coming to seek a divorce.

That’s not in the plan. He’s been resting and the dog was mad at him but likes him again. Of course I do as well. As he’s across the country for a weekend and we’re trying to make it his time (I’m hungry) we’ve a plan to stay mainly on this time until things change.

I’m up at 4:00 and it’s 2:00 his time. He and the dog are sleeping soundly. I came out of our bedroom quietly and saw the last half of Lasse Hallstrom’s film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen for probably the third time and saw even more in it.

If you see it, you will see many leaps of faith. I’ve only a few films I’d own and this is one. This is how I met my husband right after 9/11. It then comes down to jobs and how we even adopted our dog who is with us over ten years later. Leaps of faith. I go with my heart, head and gut and know what to do.

There are no car chases or tanks or bombs in this film but if you see it as it is, there is faith in many areas and in order to earn self-acceptance one must take a chance. Cheers and happy Labor Day! Dee


Good Morning

I brake for an old person and old dog in a crosswalk she created two years ago after six months of contacting city hall. The lady waves hello at me and gives me a thumbs up.

I peel out from a dead stop and run at the old lady and dog and nearly miss them. The old lady says this is a crosswalk! I respond “where you goin’ beatch.”


These are the two persons with whom we interacted this morning. Just a morning walk through a crosswalk I had created and even re-painted this summer. State rule says crosswalks are law, drivers always say otherwise and even honk their horns at one crossing the street legally, Dee


My husband has been away with work for a few weeks so I’m not cooking as much and have a chance, when I’m well enough and take out the dog at least 4X per day, to catch up on local chatter.

Three days ago my good friend, Jake, passed. Yes, he’s a dog. I took good care of him until about a month ago, never charged a cent. He was a great dog and we always loved having him around. Sometimes people don’t do neighborly things, especially in a tower mid-city. I think I got to say goodbye when there was a 24/7 support system available and our final run-in on the sidewalk a couple of weeks ago. He always strained against the leash to see his Aunt Dee.

I ran into a doctor this evening who is moving out of the best place here and told me I was the nicest person she’s met here. To me that is a sad thing as we really only talked in the lobby or elevator. She gave me her phone number and said she’d find me a doctor.

Being nice has ramifations. In high school, you can’t be part of the clique. I never was, and was open for diversity in color, religion, and sexual orientation. I put those thougts to work writing laws for 34 million people and can only hope I did a good job doing so. In 1984 my subject was privacy and that bill I wrote was my baby and I even created a privacy task force to take in banking, insurance, health care and everything. We were the P Team and we anticipated what happened years later.

Here, I’ve had problems and have dealt with them, as in crosswalks because everyone speeds, a crosswaik is merely a hint although it is a state issue. We are also currently in the highest racially divided city in the US and that bothers me but tomorrow is another day.

Nice is an over-used and not appreciated term. Today, I consider it an honor. Cheers! Dee




The seals at the beach, called the Children’s Pool, are safe for now. This is something I’ve wished for, many years. Aside from the airport, this has probably been the most divisive issue in the city.

People say that Mrs. Scripps, the donor would turn in her grave if there were seals, rather than children, in that pool. Truth is they closed the sluice gates decades ago and this cove is no longer fit for kids.

Seals have their babies up there and are now granted five months per year for pupping season.

I worked for six years to get other things done as a volunteer on a similar issue before the city council. All I can say is that kudos are due to everyone involved. Bravo. You are an ispiration to our city, nation and world. Cheers! Dee

Good Will

For all of the differences between my husband and me, whether it be science and math vs. social sciences and art, we love each other. We also know that good will is a tenet to any relationship. We’re on point there.

We always extend good will until the point that we can not do so anymore. Sometimes it is not extended in return and we must back off the relationship.

In the HRC Church the Sacraments include baptism, atoning for one’s sins, communion, confirmation, marriage, priesthood (optional), and last rites. Well, I never made confirmation because our churches changed rites every year and I missed both because we moved. I am not a priest because I’m female. Luckily neither of us has needed last rites but I have been through that ceremony with my mother nearly six years ago. It was a good experience. My husband actually told Mom “I’ll take care of her.”

With thousands of hours of volunteering and taking care of animals (St. Francis) and my family I’d think our good will would go a long way. We trust in others until they betray us.

People don’t trust people any more. I live in a town where no-one wants to get a new friend because they have their own from high school. Luckily everyone in our neighborhood loves our dog and knows her name and sometimes gives treats. I’m used to living where no-one locked their car or door. Yeah, I was a kid but why has everything changed?

Trust, good will. Help the confused lady get home. Find the lost dog. I don’t know if God has an account balance but as you age and become more wise, you may try to do well for others as well as yourself. Dee



I believe that in order to teach, one has to learn every day. The doctor may say an apple a day, I say an idea a day.

Yesterday I came up with an amazing concept for my husband. He’s not sold on it yet but give it some time to percolate.

As to teaching and learning, I never had a grandmother. I really never had a mother, RIP. My husband’s grandmother adopted me 13 years ago and I was way over the date for adoption. She is in hospital now and still as sassy a TX gal can be. She’ll joke with the nurses but make sure her hairdresser comes before she ever has a visitor. I know you, Nanny, and love you to sweet tea in the garden!

Teaching is not only in the school room. My husband has a degree in physics and it started with his Nanny reading A-Z through the dictionary, after school. He made her a crude wooden center for papers and pens. Then he he created a micro-switch for the grain bin and was sent a letter from a place called MIT. He didn’t know what that stood for so kept up in AP classes and milked cows and got a degree in Physics.

Learning doesn’t always come from the classroom. It comes from the people you meet. It makes sense when knowledge turns to wisdom. I always try to learn something from the people I interact with every day. Some folks I turn around, because of wisdom. Some I learn from, every day.

I bought our dog an educational toy a couple of months ago and she can now do it in 45 seconds. We’re all growing and learning, every day. Dee



That was against my religion, at least the one I was brought up in. My sister said it best when declining the 52 envelopes for contributions, telling Sister we went to the church down the street.

I ended up going to a Franciscan college not knowing so, but am better for it as I had two great profs, both priests, one dead and another dying who wants me to fly in to have lunch.

In the end I’ve no love for the Church, only those in it. The HRC Church told me not to think. That was against MY religion. Just follow and Jesus will show you the way. I’m not a follower of those who tell me I’m not smart, cannot have any influence in the Church in which I was baptised and am told not to think for myself.

God, I do not believe in organized religion. I’ve had enough time on earth to know you are here and that I do other things besides church to know that I care for others. For a priest in philosophy to say don’t think, just repeat my answers was the first step in my journey and it has been a long and bumpy ride.

Today I believe in redemption, being an honest and good person and in serving people and animals (Franciscan). Let us hope that is enough for me an my small family, Dee

p.s. Yesterday James Garner died. God rest his soul. Years ago I knew his daughter Gigi from a small park on the left coast. She’s done well and her father will be remembered from Maverick to Rockford to Tank in Space Cowboys, thanks for the memories. Perhaps someday I’ll tell the Space Cowboys story from his daughter…….. d