Places I’ve lived, visited, places made and changed my life.

I was born in one state and lived there, except for a few years, until age 29. At least 12 places that included babyhood, childhood, school, college, and work.

Another state with two residences in middle school and high school. Another with two residences as an adult. Another state, two residences with my husband.

Another state for a few years with my husband and dog. Yet another for a few years with both dear ones.

That’s about 20 homes in my life. Oh, I must include one posting overseas. That makes it 21.

Visiting will take longer. I just wrote my grade school principal (they sent an email) and thanked him for the base of my education and my excellent teachers, mainly in music and math, and general education, people who inspired me to be smart and not be shy and sit in the back of the classroom.

I believe it is important to thank the people who shaped your life, parents, teachers, mentors. ‘Tis the season. Dee

ps Years ago I bought this hand-made door hanger with a moose, a bear and an evergreen tree. My husband hates it. This morning I went to storage and found our stockings and two jingle bell wreaths for the inside and outside of our front door. He is so glad I got rid of the moose! (shhhh, it is in our closet awaiting repatriation after Spring and July 4……

pps It was difficult to be a girl and be seen to be smart those days, or be more successful than a boy in any athletic endeavor. It was probably tough for guys as well as they were A/V and seen as geeks. Small school, everyone tried to fit in. Luckily I had teachers who egged me on, and we keep in touch.



Without knowledge of doing so, I framed arguments. I framed theses, legislation and life.

Now I’ve two framers. One works with me to frame our lives and hopefully our forever home, my husband. The other is a picture framer who has helped me put our memories and art on our walls.

You’ve heard a lot about my husband so I’ll not concentrate on Thanksgiving soup and sandwiches. My other framer has a great eye for color and detail. K puts choices out for me and we discuss them, mess with options and I decide. I and my husband now have an eclectic collection (try saying that three times).

She has helped me with multiple works over the years and I’ve only two left for now. My Dad took up painting at age 80 and I’ve two rustic Tuscan works he painted and one inspired by Maori art in Australia. I finally found out where to place the one work of photos I took from several islands on the Ionian sea by the sea, to the sea.

There are photos I’ve taken of Concord grapes, and a Vermont mill on a trip with my in-laws. Also vintage lithos of Tuscan landscapes. We were planning to move a couple of years ago and I let go of a lot of clothing, books (donated) et al.

All these works of art were sitting, covered in towels, on the floor. I hired someone to come in for a couple of hours to help me go through things: keep; give to charity; discard.

My husband was coming back from months away for work. I took some of the art off the floor and we hung them in the master bedroom. I wanted a Tuscan retreat because we had still placed nothing on the walls.

When he returned, he said, “you’re not packing, you’re nesting!” I replied that what I can see, I can pack. We’re still here two years later and I’ve two more works to go, one a recent gift from Japan and another an original work from over 25 years ago, charcoal of dancers from a prestigious art school. Perhaps after the holidays.

The soup was good and I placed the rest in the frig. My husband asked me to put in more noodles. In the frig it now looks as if they absorbed most of my homemade stock! That’s the way it goes. Perhaps I’ll transform it into a stew! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Dee



Awakening, Life

I was awakened by the sound of footsteps. As my husband was sound asleep I checked things out. Nothing. Not even the dog moved, however I was awake for the night.

In order to help them sleep we all went to bed looking at the moon, when I arose I put down the shades for them, then went around putting them down not for me, but for the art, so nothing gets direct sun early morning.

There’s a rehabilitation center down the street and there were lights. Then a first car, then a fire truck and two ambulances. It is not a drug rehab center, occasionally a young person goes through physical therapy after a major car accident. Mostly I would say it’s where families dump the elderly, a nursing/old folks facility. Normally I see the nurses outside smoking when I walk Zoe.

All the ambulances and municipal people show up then leave one by one until the body is loaded in the last one and taken away. I’ve seen it so many times and it is heartbreaking. I say a quick prayer for the deceased because I don’t know that anyone else does. I tried to design a volunteer program for them for pet therapy but while they evinced interest, despite efforts on my behalf they never got back to me.

Thanksgiving is about life, love and food. We were on our own this year but did get to talk to family. Leftovers. My husband hates them. Now I transform them. Saturday I made stock. Now I’ve a lot of stuff to put in it but yesterday he wanted sandwiches. Brioche rolls, chicken breast, cranberry compote, lettuce, cheese, a bit of mayonnaise. Two sandwiches down the hatch.

The soup will be finished today, Sunday. Last night I went another route and made St. Louis-style ribs with a rub (cooked covered in the oven for two hours a la Alton Brown) then browning on the grill for ten minutes with BBQ sauce, Rufus Teague, I didn’t make my own this time.

Mashed potatoes and a green salad with chopped almonds, dried cranberries and a Satsuma tangerine vinaigrette. It was delicious.

My husband will not go for soup all day but I’m going to make a soup with potato, carrot, brussels sprout, onion and chicken. I made the broth yesterday but will save some to enrich a roasted, curried butternut squash soup as well. I’ve an extra chicken breast so may poach it so he can have a sandwich with his soup.

It’s time to transform some leftovers! Cheers and hope you’re enjoying the weekend. Dee

Tufts, Love and Patches

Yesterday I bought our Thanksgiving meal. We’ll have burgers for lunch, turkey burgers. For dinner I will simply stuff a 4# chicken with the bread from two wheat rolls, some onion and celery and broth. Mashed or scalloped potatoes. I’ve greens for salad. Of course there will be gravy, perhaps even cranberries and brussels sprouts.

Yesterday I vacuumed every nook and cranny. After dinner I finally carved out some time for myself. I changed my socks to ones that work for me and also love dog fur. So, after purging the dog (bath and multiple brushings from Dee’s Torture Chamber of Grooming) and the floors and carpets, my socks were laden with tumbling tumbleweeds from dog Zoe within ten minutes!

We do miss family this year. It’s just the two of us with a small bird. He can have beef another day, wanted steak for dinner. He will love my chicken and especially stuffing. My husband loves potatoes (I may bake them for him, his favorite) and brussels sprouts sauteed with bacon. I can make chicken salad with the other half of the bird.

Yesterday I dug out my silk long underwear. It has holes. So does my husband’s work chair, the beautiful cover his mother made in no time, no measurements. Amazing.She matched all the damask fabric on two chairs, floor to top, in record time. I am thrilled but the one he’s been using as a desk chair is falling apart after years of use.

I’m thinking of getting patches for my silk long undies and the chair. Ebony and Ivory. Yeah, you don’t remember that one, or John Denver’s Poems, Prayers and Promises. Perhaps on an anniversary, dearest, we can renew our vows with family.

In the end, remember today with your family and friends. The gifts are casseroles and pies and cakes and it’s all about being together. We’re thankful for our families and will give them a call after the sun comes up. Cheers and a happy Thanksgiving to all! Dee

Job Description

Day before Thanksgiving I get a Linked in message that gives me a job description I’m supposedly suited to take.

It says I can work in Human Resources and have the opportunity to experience the full cycle. It’s couched in different terms but it’s basically hiring to firing and that’s in the job description!

I’ve never worked HR so am not qualified for the role. I just found it interesting how people can be used, then thrown away. I know our maintenance folks and security and leasing. They are very good to me. I bring them meals and treats and our dog Zoe contributes doggie treats to the cupboard “cookie jar” for which she has to do tricks for access.

My butchers, produce people, supermarket checkers, everyone is a part of my world. Today all the butchers came out to say Happy Thanksgiving. It is a part of life. I bring them Texas Chili, Pedernales, Lady Bird Johnson and VP LBJ 1962 with JFK and 5,000 guests. It’s my riff. Yes, I grind my own beef and use special seasonings.

Sorry, Nanny, we couldn’t make it this time. We wish you all love and good wishes. We’re having a small chicken with stuffing, potatoes and brussels sprouts. And we’ll be thinking of all our famiily tomorrow, Thanksgiving and giving thanks. With much love from Dee




Giving Thanks

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Thanking mine, while not present, is difficult because we miss them. We love and give thanks to everyone.

My husband wants steak. Happy Thanksgiving! Dee


My husband has been working from home a bit, driving me nuts. He now wants to help me in the kitchen. I made spaetzle the other day for a stew. Permit me to say that my husband is not allowed in my kitchen for other than ice, water, or Dr. Pepper. He can’t even make a grilled cheese sandwich.

He gets into something like lemonade, yogurt, strange fruits and ice cream but this pasta/pancake thing needs to end.

We’ve made pancakes twice this week, today he didn’t help out at all as he didn’t say he was working on a mathematical spreadsheet for portions of the batter. He chose 3/4 recipe today before he did the calculations. His were pancake souflees. He asked me to use Italian OO flour instead of all-purpose as a test. It’s all-purpose from here on in. And I’d rather do eggs and bacon and toast and jam because it doesn’t use every pot and pan in the house and I can make it, while he is in the shower, in under ten minutes. With juice and herbal tea.

We made fettucine twice this week. He wanted to test the hand-crank pasta maker I’ve never used. Tonight it was to go with a random restaurant dish he had last year with pasta, chicken and artichoke hearts in a cream sauce with a salad with who knows what, 2,000 miles away. Talk about pulling something out of my hat. He did love it and has more for tomorrow. I will make rice. No, not from scratch!

Now he wants steak for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we have another skirt steak with chimichurri for lunch, and today’s chicken with rice for dinner.

I’ll plan Thanksgiving in the morning and decide whether I’ll cave in to steak. I do want Brussels sprouts. Cranberry…. chutney? Perhaps. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving, Dee